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Crow's Row - Julie Hockley DNF at page 172

Alright, I give up. This book irritates and frustrates me so unbelievably that I just can’t bring myself to read another page. I’m so sorry for bowing out of the BR early on, Foxy and Kris! I kept trying but uhh…

I really expected something completely different from the story but I could’ve dealt with that if it weren’t for the various plot holes. I’m not going to list them all but if there’s at least one in every chapter it gets tedious fast. In fact the whole story lacks in believability which already starts with Emily constantly calling Cameron (the 26 year old male lead) a boy - a boy that seems to be the leader of a gang nonetheless.

I wasn’t able to identify with a single character in this book. Emily was seriously on her best way to drive me to insanity. What is wrong with her? I have absolutely no issues with a captor/captive story but sweet god, she witnessed him doing something terrible the second time she ever saw him and instead of being afraid of him, she CRUSHES on him. So after talking to him like 5 times she’s completely over the moon and the place Cameron has come to occupy in her was wrenched by distance when he leaves for a bit – really?

And let’s not forget being a little proud of her brother for doing something highly illegal or her calling an mp3-player a music thingy because she doesn’t know its name despite living with her filthy rich parents for 18 years and it being 2011. So again, what the hell is wrong with that girl?

I’m going to save myself the time instead of ranting even more about all the other things I’ve disliked, I’ve already ranted enough in my status updates. So I’ll cut the chase: this book definitely wasn’t for me, it actually made me fall asleep 3 times which is something a book has never managed before. I didn’t like the story, I didn’t like the writing and I definitely didn’t like the characters. I have no desire to know what else happens in this book and thus I’ll move on to another book now.