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Claimed (Club Sin, #1) - Stacey Kennedy First things first, this book reminded me in many aspects about another series I’ve read. It’s hard for me to stop comparing the two concerning characters and setup of the story - that made for an awkward start as it took me a little while to concentrate solely on this story.

Don’t get me wrong please, I’m not saying any part of this story is copied but especially the male characters are eerily similar in their basics. It’s my personal opinion and you just might not have that problem at all. Maybe it’s also a bit my fault as I haven’t read the synopsis very carefully (I like to go into a book blindly) – the cover draw me in the moment I spotted it on NetGalley.

While I liked Dmitri’s characters, I had much more trouble with Presley. She’s not the typical character I like to read about – submissive or not, I like my characters to have some spunk. But I liked the way Dmitri and Presley were portrayed as a couple.

The reasoning behind Presley’s behavior was rather intriguing and probably a part why she and Dmitri worked great as couple. By accepting her submissive nature, she was able to change her behavior as well – she didn’t try to please everyone anymore but instead focused that part of her on Dmitri. I have to say that I liked her much more towards the end of the book – she still was little timid but much better from the beginning.

The BDSM aspects – there was nothing horrifying there and this is probably a good book for everyone that likes the softer, tamer side of BDSM. Many of fetishes that might intimidate people (e.g. cutting, fire play, watersports and the likes) aren’t allowed in Club Sin and thus won’t probably won’t be much of an issue in the further installments as well.

The writing wasn’t exactly my cup of tea either, it was rather cheesy and just too much at times. In my opinion, the characters portrayal lacked integrity and the dialogues felt a little stilted. The sex/BDSM scenes didn’t have the chemistry I would’ve wished for which is a rather important aspects of a BDSM novel.

All in all, this was a quick read which gave me a lot of trouble to get into and that’s why I can’t go with more than 2 stars.

ARC provided by Random House Publishing Group via NetGalley.