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My Favorite Mistake  - Chelsea M. Cameron Ahhh, I loved this one.

At the beginning I had a hard time liking the female main character: Tayler is bitchy and at first not the most likeable character. BUT her snarky attitude grows on you and I continuously liked her more. You learn early on that something happens to her but it takes quite a while till you learn what it was exactly. I had my guess but it wasn't spot on.

Hunter on the other hand appears as goofy guy that has the usual "I'm a bad guy and refuse to fall in love but you'll still love me" routine going. I was glad to see that there's more to him and genuinely liked him for his facetts - don't get me wrong though: the guitar playing, singing and tattoos might have played a part as well ;). I especially loved his little quirks.

The chemistry between the two is obvious and I loved that Taylor didn't simply fall into his bed. There was more to it than a girl and a boy falling in love, it was also about learning to trust others, living with a past that might not be easy and growing into a strong person that can still lean onto loved ones in hard times.

Why are you still reading this stupid review? Go read the book - it's much better than my babbling!