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The Education of Caroline (The Education of..., #2) - Jane Harvey-Berrick DNF at 65%

I just can't read any more of this, it's just making me grumpy and mad. Even though I already wasn't the biggest fan of book 1, I genuinely wanted to know what would happen.

After I saw that 10 years had passed since the events of the first book, I thought the main characters would've grown extremly. However I was proven wrong rather quickly.

At 27, Sebastian still has so many juvenile character traits that not much changed, except that he know has a reputation as ladies man and a mean temper. I can't really understand why a grow man would throw teenage tantrums or pout his way into a woman's bed.

Caro hasn't changed much either, although she now has an education and seems to capable of earning her own money. She is still indecisive, can't stick to her decision and has still issues with the age gap. For example, in the beginning she is seriously mad at him but then hops into bed with him and afterwards goes back to being mad. Make up your mid, woman.

Their relationship never made much sense to me and now, with the back and forward of this book that hasn't change a bit.

Once more the writing was alright but nothing that held me captivated. The dialogues felt stilted and after the first 65% I've lost all desire to know what will happen and thus I can't even bring myself to soldier on for the remaining 35%.

Since I haven't finished and doubt I will at any point in the future, I'll refrain from rating.