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Chosen - Barbara Elsborg 4.5 stars

I think my brain hasn't managed yet to process all the details woven through this book but I still want to try for a review for the sake of putting my first thoughts and impressions down. And to justify the following rambling, I think I blew my mind a little bit with this one.

Chosen led me down a dark path and kept me on the edge for 99% of the book. And when I say dark, I meant it. Dark, insane, disturbing, painful, irritating, omnious, aggravating, damaging, frustrating, maddening, nasty, nail-biting or demoralizing - take your pick because you are most likely to feel all of that and more while reading this book. No matter how many negative emotions it brought on though, I had a hard time putting this down and even when I had to put it down, e.g. for class, it was constantly on my mind. I couldn't stop puzzling over all the details, although mostly without success.

I have no idea when I last felt such a strong hate for a character; usually I find at least one redeeming trait or some sort of compassion but this time around I only wanted to hurt Jack.

I wanted to knock out his teeth, string them on a necklace and strangle him with it. I wanted to pull each of his fingernails before breaking every single finger, several times. I wanted to cut his bits off and feed them to him before decorating his skin with a thousand knife cuts and then ripping his heart out to shove it up his ass.

Okay, now I'm the one sounding like a freaking psycho but gosh. How can one person be so messed up and walk around freely? Actually how the hell can TWO people be that messed up and walk around freely? Because Don is a damn psycho as well.

But in between all that hate towards Jack (and Don) I never stopped admiring Kate. She may not be physically strong but she never, never gives up - even when she was hardly able to move she kept fighting and while I admired her like crazy for that, I still cringed every time. I hoped and hoped but I was constantly on edge, waiting for Jack's next brand of insanity. I'm sad to say that he never disappointed.

I'm not going to talk about the plot as everyone should experience that for themselves but I was constantly guessing and trying to distinguish between truth and lies - I hardly ever managed to find the actual truth until the very end and I would've never guessed that - so many ruined lives because of one single person making a mistake.

I still can't quite wrap my head around this and might add more to my review once I've had time to think but know this: if you "like" dark tales, then Barbara Elsborg wove an incredible story with Chosen that'll keep you on your toes untill you reach the last page. Pick it and be warned that you might want to wrap your e-reader in bubble wrap to prevent it from breaking.

P.S.: Can you even rate a book like this properly? You don't exactly enjoy a book like this but still it was enthralling because I just HAD to know.

P.P.S.: Thanks for finding this one, SB!