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True - Erin McCarthy I came across this book on NetGalley and recognized the author. I’ve read a one of Erin McCarthy’s Paranormal Series a couple of years ago which I really enjoyed, so I thought I’d give this one a try but True is a typical New Adult book and unfortunately with typical books, there are always typical scenarios, typical characters and a typical plot.

That doesn’t mean that I disliked it, I didn’t because it wasn’t a bad book but it wasn’t very original either. And that really is the whole problem, I read this book a couple of days ago but didn’t have time to write a review and now I struggle with what to say –while not bad, it just wasn’t very memorable.

So here are a few things that stood out a bit and that I liked: Rory, the female lead, was witty, sarcastic and ‘socially challenged’ which would’ve made for a great character if she wasn’t a stereotypical virgin (that’s a seriously atrocious trend 50 Shades set there, I can’t even tell you how many virginal characters I met since that one was published). On to the typical bad boy Tyler with the hidden soft spot, I really appreciated his devotion towards his brothers. Especially the tattoo that the brothers share was a nice touch.

The chemistry between Rory and Tyler was there and while the relationship as well as the plot were nice, they were also predictable – especially so if you pick up the occasional NA book. So all in all, an okay read but nothing more.

ARC provided by PENGUIN GROUP Berkley, NAL / Signet Romance, DAW via NetGalley.