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The Prelude - KaSonndra Leigh I found this book browsing through NetGalley and the cover looked interesting, as did the blurb.

I got no idea what happened from there on out but unfortunately there aren't many good things I can say.

In my opinion this book needs editing - A lot editing. There were several plots that felt random and unfinished to me. I had most dots connected after 20 or maximim 30% and that just takes the whole joy out of a book.

The writing felt awkward at times, the phrasing was sometimes rather odd and I'm not quite sure how to explain but there were also many sentences that seemed disconnected and made no sense together.

I wasn't able to connect with any character in the book. The female main character fell very short to my expectations and at no time was I able to feel for her or her situation; in fact the only thing I felt towards her, was the hope that she'd stop being a insecure, mean person and stays quite for a bit. Oh, and there was a lot annoyance towards her as well.

Alek pretty much invoked the same feelings, or well, no feelings at all. I'd like to say that they at least worked as couple, but there was no real chemistry for me to see there either.

The only thing I actually liked was that the music theme about the song structure which there from start to end.

All in all, 2 stars because I've read worse but it wasn't my cup of tea , so I didn't enjoy it.

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